We have worked with your company on two occasions and both times have been very satisfying. We love the communication that goes on ahead of time to determine what we would like and spelling out all the details of the contract. The end product is very sturdy, well-constructed and good looking. The installation is very professional and the overall price of the product is amazingly reasonable given the quality of the workmanship. If we are looking for cabinetry we have no doubt that we will always call Wolfe’s Wood first. Doing business is always better when you get to work with nice people.

-Ed Branham

We would highly recommend Wolfe’s Wood cabinetry. Their workmanship and service was excellent. During 2013 our master bedroom bathroom was completely remodeled. A number of cabinets were built and installed to the specifications asked for with their guidance. Delivery and installation was excellent. A far better experience we had regarding installation of kitchen cabinets which was provided and installed by a different vendor.

-Sandy Musson

Recall the days when a business owner said he would be there at a certain time, and was? Or when he said he noticed a slight imperfection in his work and insisted he correct it? Even though it had to be pointed out to you because it was so minuscule! Or how about the initial greeting from a business owner with his brilliant smile and firm hand shake and you instantly knew…this is the guy I want to do my work. Roy Wolfe is without doubt one of a passing breed; reliable, friendly, honest and devoted to a truly “custom” work ethic. All the work he has done (and will do) for us is absolutely impeccable! Our only regret was that we discovered him AFTER we had the kitchen done. But my wife smiles every time she walks into one of our bath rooms!

-Gary & Lori Johnson