About Us

We are a multi generation family owned local business. Myself, Roy Wolfe, owner and son Josh, shop foreman.  I began building cabinets while in high school for Jerry’s Cabinets in Bend, Oregon.  After graduating college, my wife and I moved to West Richland and I worked as an accountant at Hanford, putting my degree to use during the day and building cabinets in my off hours. In 2003 I was laid off from Hanford and took the opportunity the Lord gave me to turn my passion into my career.  Wolfe’s Wood became official in March 2003 and has been advancing ever since.  We strive to provide cabinets that are above industry standards.  We use only high quality materials to produce high-quality cabinets.  We are not an assembly line and our customers are not just a PO number. We thrive on creating new products for our customers and cherish the feeling we get when we know we’ve made our customer happy.  Word of mouth is our greatest advertiser.